Mumbaikars beware! 'Chemical conjunctivitis' is in the air

Feb 27, 2015, 11:15 IST | Sadaguru Pandit

Friday morning witnessed a foggy environment in most parts of the city that apparently caused eye irritation to people who stepped out. Experts explain the strange phenomenon

A number of people were heard complaining of burning sensation, irritation of the eyes, throat and nose. Experts referred to the occurrence as 'chemical conjunctivitis', caused by volatile compound of chemicals in the environment. As people stepping out of their homes early in the morning are prone to face smog, necessary use of protective gear and eye drops is mandatory to maintain moisture of the eyes.

Mumbai experienced a foggy morning on Friday. Pic/ Nimesh Dave

According to ophthalmologists, people often mistake smog for fog, and head out. Smog is actually created by polluted chemicals found during morning time. Explains Dr Quresh Maskati, from Saifee Hospital, “People should avoid stepping out unless it’s absolutely necessary because chemicals in the smog could be harmful. We are using artificial clear drops for anybody who is complaining of eye irritation during the morning. People need to wear protective gear and wash their eyes with lukewarm water once they reach home.”

Experts have advised Mumbaikars to avoid the early morning smog unless absolutely necessary as it could be harmful to the eyes. Pic/ Nimesh Dave

Dr. Meghali Bhattacharya, on the other hand, adds that photochemical smog directly harms the moisture of the eyes, and hence clear drops are the best bet against the issue. "Its a volatile compound of various harmful gases hence people who step out for work need to wear glasses. Save your eyes from dryness by using the clear drops,” concludes Dr. Bhattacharya.

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