Murali Kartik faces heat for 'Mankading' Bengal's Das

The incident happened in the 80th over. Das, batting on 19, backed up at the non-striker’s end as Kartik whipped off the bails and appealed for run-out which is also known as ‘Mankaded’. The decision was referred to the TV umpire and Das was declared out.

Murali Kartik
Murali Kartik

The Bengal bench were left fuming at the dismissal which they felt was against the spirit of the game. However, as per the rules, Kartik was well within his rights as he had warned Das in the previous over for backing up too far.

At lunch, when the players were leaving the ground, a senior Bengal player called Kartik a ‘cheat’. Malhotra was also seen shouting at Kartik: “You are an India player and this is how you play cricket? Is this an example you set for juniors?” The left-arm spinner snapped back and told him to shut up before entering the dressing room.

“I can understand if you are playing one-day cricket where a batsman tries to steal a single. This is a four-day game and he was just an inch out. I am not talking about rules, but about spirit of the game,” Malhotra said after the end of third day’s play. Last year too, Kartik had once ‘Mankaded’ a player in a first-class game in England.

The term ‘Mankaded’ came into play after India’s Vinoo Mankad ran out Australia’s Bill Brown in the 1947-48 seriesĀ 

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