Murder (almost) at Juhu Beach

While lifeguards claim they saw a woman being pushed into the water by her husband and have recorded the incident as per protocol, police chowky feigns ignorance about the incident

On Saturday afternoon, lifeguards at Juhu Beach not only rescued a 19 year-old girl (name withheld) from drowning, but also probably foiled a murder attempt. Rescued under mysterious circumstances, the girl was allegedly being beaten up and drowned by her husband.

(From left to right) Lifeguards Sagar Hipate, Sarvesh Thakur, Manohar Shetty and Mandar Katkar.

SMD has a copy of the official report filed by the lifeguards, which has been submitted to the BMC ward office and Fire brigade.

According to lifeguard Manohar Shetty, the couple was spotted in the water at 2.50 pm.

"Something strange caught my eye, as the girl looked like she was being beaten and forcefully submerged underwater. Rushing in to investigate, our worst fears came true as the bruised girl had ingested water in her lungs and was in an unconscious state. After reviving her with CPR, we handed the duo to the Juhu beat chowki."

The copy of the report they filed. pics/ Shailesh Bhatia

Mandar Katkar, another lifeguard on duty stated that they even called up the couple's family members, who reside in Versova, and apprised them of the situation. "There were four lifeguards, including Sagar Hipate and Sarvesh Thakur on duty, who witnessed the incident. On gaining consciousness, the girl was reluctant to press charges and kept saying that they were only having fun in the water.

Ironically, officers at the Santacruz police station said they were unaware of the incident, while policemen posted at the beat chowki too feigned ignorance.

On producing the names of constables, whose names are mentioned in the lifeguard's official document, it was revealed that no charges were pressed, as the girl kept stressing that it was a case of misunderstanding, and her husband was innocent.

The duo was subsequently sent home.



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