Here is a treat for music aficionados in the Capital as the Bangalore School of Music Chamber Orchestra are going to perform on Friday at ICCR, Azad Bhavan

They might be very young, as young as 12 years can be but when they take on the stage every bit they do on the stage is a delight. Yes, we are talking about the members of Bangalore School of Music Chamber Orchestra. There is no age limit to be a members in the orchestra. From 12  to 75 year olds, you can find them all. Over the years, they have enthralled the audiences with their artistic performances also providing a platform for the music enthusiasts to learn through the workshops that they conduct in their music school. This Friday, Indian Council for Cultural Relations(ICCR) brings them to you in the Capital.

"Music knows no language. And we are trying to unite the people through music. Our mission is to preserve, promote and improvise the rich tradition of Western classic music through energetic and enriching performance for a wide range of audiences. But that doesn't mean we neglect the Indian music or artists. The idea is to appreciate the art by bringing the artists from all around the world together," says, Aruna Sunderlal, founder, Bangalore School of Music Chamber Orchestra.

About the performances on Friday she states, "We'll basically play classical music. It will have popular pieces from artists like W A Mozart, Benjamin Britten, Gerardo Matis Rodriguez, Leroy Anderson and many others. Because we also have to take care of the audiences, so we've chosen the pieces with utter care. All the pieces are very soulful, attractive and classical too as they have survived through so many decades."

On asking one thing she would like to change in the Indian audience she adds, "Our audiences are wonderful. They are very knowledgeable. But I would like to see more young people and music students attending the shows." So, turn up for this show on Friday as the Orchestra in full force presents their best performances for you.

On: October 14
At: Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Azad Bhavan
Timings: 6.30pm onwards
For free passes, contact: ICCR