“I had composed a tune and I wanted to insert a few Marathi words in it. Ravi Jadhav (Marathi filmmaker) visited my studio and said that he would write lyrics for the track and also help me with the pronunciation of certain words. I took it up as a challenge and finally, we’ve released this single online,” elaborates musician Shekhar Ravjiani.

Song for a cause
The track, Saazni, is a romantic song and this is the first time that Shekhar has dabbled in Marathi. “It is a song about a guy who is missing his girl. It’s also metaphorical from the viewpoint of farmers because for them rain is their lover. They are sad if it doesn’t rain. So, it has different connotations,” he explains.

Since the song goes beyond being a source of entertainment, which is to help educate girls, Shekhar is keen that more people download it. “When it came to this song, everything fit together nicely and I decided to donate the proceeds for the kids at Ma Niketan,” he says.

“Few years ago, I was told that because of poverty, many parents abandon their children at a very young age; most of them are girls. So, I decided to do something for these girls. I got in touch with NGO Ma Niketan. All proceeds from this song will be used for the benefit of abandoned girls at the NGO, where they will be taken care of and receive education for a better tomorrow,” he shares.