Music maestros to celebrate ragas from various 'prahars' of the day at this concert in Mumbai

Mar 16, 2017, 11:14 IST | Soumya Vajpayee Tiwari

Music maestros will come together to celebrate ragas from various prahars of the day at an upcoming concert

Rahul Sharma
Rahul Sharma

Distinguished musicians such as Pakhawaj exponent Pandit Bhawani Shankar, Mexican drummer Karina Colis, santoor player Rahul Sharma and sitar legend Ustad Shujaat Khan will celebrate ragas from various prahars (time cycles) of a day at a concert on March 18. Titled Teen Prahar, the show is into its 10th year. It will offer music aficionados a selection of unheard of ragas.

The show will open with a rhythmic delight by Pandit Shankar, who will collaborate with Colis and Rajasthani Khadtaal player Devu Khan. A few percussionists will also join them. The recital will be followed by Sharma's santoor act. Rahul Deshpande will join him on the vocals, and Ustad Khan on the sitar.

Ustad Shujaat Khan
Ustad Shujaat Khan

"Apart from the classical rendition, I will also collaborate with Rajasthani Manganiyar folk singer Kachra Khan. We hope to improvise on stage and introduce a new blend of rustic folk and Kashmiri santoor," says Sharma.

Besides renowned musicians, the fest will also feature a young artiste, Harsh Narayan, grandson of eminent sarangi player Pandit Ram Narayan. Explaining the importance of the festival, Ustad Khan says, "It's important for people to attend such concerts where they can witness different ragas and line-up of musicians, ranging from young talent to upcoming and established, all on one platform."

ON: March 18, from 5 pm to 10.30 pm
AT: Nehru Centre Auditorium, Worli.
CALL: 9223231359
ENTRY: Rs 200 to Rs 600

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