New Delhi: The chief imam of the All India Imam Organisation (AIIO), Umer Ahmed Ilyasi on Wednesday slammed the Allahabad High Court order directing madrassas across Uttar Pradesh to raise national flag on Independence Day and Republic Day, saying that the Muslims in India do not need to present a certificate to prove their patriotism.

"Today muslims don't have to give a certificate of their patriotism by unfurling the national flag. We have always unfurled national flag in our madrassas, whether it¿s January 26 or August 15. We are proud to be Indian, proud to live in a free country. Should we call the media to tell that we have raised the flag," Ilyasi told ANI here.

"I am surprised in this order of the court. If the court wanted to give an order than they should have given an order on the educational backwardness of muslims. We are Indians and we don¿t need to give any certificate to prove that," he added.

The Allahabad High Court on Tuesday directed the Uttar Pradesh Government to ensure that the National Flag is hoisted at madrassas across the state on Independence Day and Republic Day.