'My best pal stole my guy...'

Dear Diana,
After being with my guy for two years, he cheated on me with my best friend. They had an affair behind my back. Often, she used to hang out with us, but I did not think that she would steal my guy from me. As soon as I got a whiff of their affair, I stopped talking to her though she did reach out to me, but I never gave in. My guy was a closed chapter of my life. Now, a common friend tells me that my ex guy has cheated on my friend too. I detest her for ruining my love life and leaving me with a broken heart, but at the same time, I feel bad as I have been in a similar situation. I know what she must be undergoing. What should I do? She has been messaging me and telling me what has happened. But I am not paying any heed. Should I mend fences with her?
— Simone

Dear Diana

Dear Simone,
Now that both of you are sailing in the same boat, you can share your grief too. If you can forgive and forget, you can reach out to your pal. She is nursing a broken heart while you may have recovered and moved on. If you sympathise with your pal, then you should rekindle the friendship. Are you willing to let bygones be bygones? You need to realise that it was because of a useless guy that things got messed up between you and her. Now that he is no longer on her scene, you should get your pal back besides moving on with your respective lives. Let this guy remain in the distant past.

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