Dear Diana,
I joined an advertising firm three months ago and instantly fell for a girl in our team. She’s smart, funny and everything I always desired. Here’s the catch: our boss too is eyeing her. I don’t know how to avert this mishap because she thinks of me as a friend while she means the world to me.
— Yuvan

Dear Diana
Illustration/Amit Bandre

Dear Yuvan,
You like her so start dropping hints so that she realises it, if you cannot just tell her. But it is best just to tell her before your boss makes the move. Do not waste any more time. As you are working in the same office there is no dearth of subjects to talk about. If she is interested, she will respond and then take things forward accordingly. So get going before your boss makes his move.

Dear Diana,
I like a girl who lives in my neighbourhood. The only problem is that I haven’t spoken to her yet, but I think she likes me as whenever we see each other, we make eye contact. I have also noticedthat she looks out for me from my balcony as she knows what time I leave home for college. How should I approach her? I’m afraid as I do not know how she will react. I do not want to make things difficult for me.
— Samit

Dear Samit,
Stop making eye contact and get talking. The next time you see her, smile and say a hello. As you are neighbours, it is time to get to know her. Exchange cell numbers which will enable you to keep in touch. Get to know her family and if she has a sibling, get to know him or her too. As you two are college students, find common friends with whom you can hang out with. So get going.