'My boyfriend cheated on me...'

Dear Diana,
I was away for three months visiting relatives in the US and Canada. When I came back, my boyfriend of two years was a changed man. He hooked up with another girl and told everyone it was over between us. I ignored him nor did he try to get in touch with me. Now he is begging me to take him back and says that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. Should I trust him?
— Jessica

Illustration/Amit Bandre
Illustration/Amit Bandre 

Dear Jessica,
It is clear that you cannot trust this guy at all. Barely three months you were away from him and he was on his trip. It is pretty obvious that he is not committed to you or else he would not have gone astray. Give him a hearing and then tell him what if you had hooked up with someone else, how would have he reacted? If you are willing to forgive him and take him back in his life, it is your call. Or it is better that he goes his way as this man cannot be trusted. When the trust in a relationship is broken, it is difficult to have a peaceful relationship.

Dear Diana,
My boyfriend of six months called it quits out of the blue last week. Everything seemed fine, more than fine actually. He had recently told me he loved me and had never felt so happy. He could see a future for us. He was always loving towards me and never let me down. Why the sudden change of heart? I’m heartbroken and confused.
— Urmila

Dear Urmila,
This guy owes you an explanation about what went wrong in the relationship. He may have his reasons, but it is important that he tells you about it. Ask him what made him change overnight. It will help you seek closure in the relationship. If he does not respond to your call, then don’t be after him for an explanation. If he cared for you, he needs to speak up.

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