'My boyfriend doesn't talk to me anymore...'

Dear Diana,
I’ve been going out with this guy for almost a year. Our elder sisters are best friends and that’s how we met. He’s told his sister things are going great between us, but this is far from true. Initially things were okay, but now we end up fighting over little things. At the end of it, I am angry about how he behaves when I am around.

Illustration/Amit Bandre

In fact for the past month he has not been talking to me. But he has been lying to his sister saying that things are fine. I have now started getting attracted to another guy. He talks to me nicely and is always there for me. I can’t imagine my boyfriend doing all this. Now this new guy tells me that he has always liked me for a long time. I really don’t know what to do. As our sisters are buddies, I do not want things going bad between us as it will affect their friendship too. At the same time I feel I should break off with my boyfriend and hook up with this new guy in my life. I have thought about it and feel that I should be with him. What should I do now?
— Fabeena

Dear Fabeena,
It is clear that all is not well between you two. So there is no point trying to behave as if the relationship is going great guns. You feel as your sisters are pals, it will affect their bonding. But you cannot make their friendship affect your relationship. You need to clearly tell your sister the truth. He also needs to inform his sister about what’s going on. Perhaps they can sort out the differences, if you want to give the relationship a second shot. If you feel you should move out of this relationship as you are attracted to this new guy, you need to then take a stand. Talk things out and make a decision soon. There is no point being in a relationship which makes you unhappy. From the looks of it, your guy may also be looking at a way out.

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