'My boyfriend is behaving strangely with his pal...'

Dear Diana,
I'm 25 and my boyfriend is 28. We've been together for over six months. All this while, I thought he didn't have any friends and was a loner. Turns out he has a handsome friend whom he never discusses. In fact, he has asked him not to be around when he is with him. I find this arrangement weird. His buddy too feels that his behaviour is strange. Why is he hiding his pal from me?
— Jayshree

Illustration/Amit Bandre
Illustration/Amit Bandre 

Dear Jayshree,
Your guy appears to be insecure. It is strange that he wants to shield you from his pal. He feels that as he is good looking perhaps you might be attracted to him. It is clear that your guy does not trust you. His behaviour is atrocious. It is even more strange that his buddy should take all these diktats from him. You do not know this guy, so it is absurd that he should even think on these lines. You need to ask your guy why he is behaving in such a manner to know the truth behind this hiding game.

Dear Diana,
I'm 23 and I hate myself. I keep crying or being angry over little things. I get jealous easily and I can't stand to look at myself in the mirror. It's beginning to affect my life. I'm miserable all day. I'm also really lazy. I'm worried about my future as I see myself no where with my life all messed up. I broke up with my boyfriend last year which has only added to my woes. How do I get myself out of this mess?
— Indu

Dear Indu,
Life is what you make it. Wallowing in self-pity is only making your condition worse. You feel that you are the only one so miserable in the world. Step out of your morose zone and stop brooding. Instead of drowning in low self pity, get going with your life. Only you can help yourself. Turn over a new leaf and look at life anew. Seek counselling which can help you overcome your fears.

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