'My boyfriend is commitment phobic'

We were supposed to get married in September, but at the last moment he decided to postpone the marriage. The reason being his dream to settle down in the US. So until things don’t move in that direction, he won’t marry me. I am shocked by his attitude because I see this as just a reason to stay away from commitment.
— Ameera

Illustration/ Amit Bandre

Dear Ameera,
Your guy seems to be struggling with indecisiveness and he seems to be sticking to his stand. His dream may take time to materialise, so how long does he want to keep you waiting? It is not as if marriage will be a roadblock in chasing his dream. You need to do a reality check whether this guy is really interested in marrying you. Set a deadline for him and if he still does not pay heed, it is pretty clear that he has something else in his mind. Or perhaps he is scared to take the plunge. Either way he needs to speak out and clear his muddled mind.

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