'My boyfriend is getting married to someone else...'

Mar 11, 2014, 08:02 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana,
I have been dating a guy for the past three years. There were many ups and downs in the relationship due to his family’s objection to us getting married. Last month, during a trip to his hometown, his family fixed his match with a girl there and wedding is on the cards soon. He still meets me and says he’s in love with me. Do we have a future?
— Chandrika

Dear Diana
Illustration: Amit bandre

Dear Chandrika,
Your guy is a coward and can’t stand up for you. Even after all these years, he has been unable to convince his folks about you. Add to that the fact that he agreed to an arranged marriage. Give him an ultimatum to make his folks realise that he is serious about you. If he cannot, there is no point in staying in this relationship. He can’t say that he loves you and then toe the family line and marry someone else. He has to choose and make up his mind. If he does not, go your way as he is not worthy of your love.

Dear Diana,
One of my pals loves to flirt with guys. If any boy gives her attention, she forgets everyone else. We all girls often hang out together. So the rest of us are left fending for ourselves. The other day we were at a mall and she met this guy and disappeared with him for an hour. Her family keeps calling us to know her whereabouts during her mystery disappearances. This habit has become irritating. How do I knock sense into her? We are in the 18-21 age group.
— Noorie

Dear Noorie,
Your friend is using you and your girl gang to tell her folks that she is hanging out with you, when she isn’t. Most girls in your age group go out to have fun with pals, but it sounds like she is going out to find guys. Tell her how you feel about it and that you can’t be answering her family’s calls on her behalf. Or better still tell her to find other friends to hang out with.

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