'My boyfriend's phone has other girls' pictures...'

Jun 14, 2014, 06:00 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana,
I love my boyfriend a lot. I have been with him for three months. What bothers me, however, are the pictures of girls on his phone and his laptop. He works in a film production office, but why would he keep photos saved in the phone and not make them send portfolios to his office? Once I deleted some pictures, but he did not react.
— Divyanka

Illustration/Amit Bandre

Dear Divyanka,
If he is part of a film production company, these snapshots are most likely to be of wannabe actresses. It is part of his job and you should have been aware of it. Nowadays, instead of sending portfolios, aspiring actresses send their pictures through social media, email and Whatsapp. That is most probably the reason why he has pictures of these girls on his cell and laptop. It is also the reason why he did not react as he can always tell these girls to mail pictures again. Instead of getting upset, understand his job requirements. It is strange that you never thought about this aspect for all these months. Keeping snapshots does not mean he is having an affair
with them.

Dear Diana,
I’ve been with my boyfriend for over three years now. When I talk about marriage, he tells me there is no need to hurry. He keeps evading the subject of marriage. I often feel I am wasting my time with him. I am sure he will end up marrying a girl his family chooses. Do you think he is taking me for a ride? He is 26 and I am 25.
— Shaira

Dear Shaira,
Your boyfriend may have his reasons to not tie the knot now, but at least there should be commitment from him. You need to have a frank conversation with him about it. Give him time to think and if he is not ready to commit, it means he is not serious about you.

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