Dear Diana,
My brother's wife is making life hell for me. She is hellbent on creating differences between us. Barely a month after marriage, she started showing her true colours. She always wants her way. Not only is she too demanding, but also a high maintenance woman. For her, I do not exist at all. She ignores me completely. Initially, I used to try and strike a conversation with her, but things would go bad when she would reprimand me. It was like how could you have said this or done that. This would become an issue. She would make it as if I was troubling her, and my father would interfere and take her side. He felt as she was the new member of the family, she needed someone on her side. I then stopped communicating with her. My father tells me that I will get married in the next two to three years and move out, so to just bear with her. I have told my brother to stay separately, but he says he cannot afford it.
— Teesha

Dear Teesha,
You don't have to like her, but you do have to put up with her because you stay in the same house. More importantly, she is your brother's wife. Constantly complaining about her to your parents will get you no where. You just have to be pleasant and avoid unnecessary interaction. This is easier said than done, but because you are reacting to her every move, she is always on the warpath. The day you stop reacting, she will also start lying low. You will need a lot of patience to deal with her. There are times when you will find her annoying and feel like taking her on. On such occasions, it is better that you withdraw from the scene and steer clear from her path. All the screaming and shouting will only lead to disharmony in the house.