'My cheating wife made up swapping charges'

Jan 12, 2012, 08:42 IST | Shiva Devnath

US-based man, whose wife accused him of harassing her after she refused to be party to his alleged proposal, has written to Mumbai police claiming that she is trying to falsely implicate him at the behest of her lover

A New Jersey-based hotel employee wrote to the Mumbai police yesterday, claiming his wife had levelled false allegations against him to cover up that she was involved with another man.

Caroline Jacobs, Ashish Sardar's 36-year-old wife, had recently registered a complaint with the Malad police, accusing him of harassing her after she had refused to be party to his proposition of wife-swapping. Sardar claims that it is Caroline who cheated on him, and is now trying to frame him at the behest of her loverĀ -- a local politician.

Happier times: In his complaint to Mumbai police, Ashish Sardar claims
that his near-perfect life was blemished by his wife's lover. He has filed
for divorce from Caroline

MiD DAY had carried Caroline's version of the story, wherein she claimed that Sardar was making lewd phone calls to her and making slurs on her character. ('Man harasses wife for refusing to be swapped', January 10). Based on her allegations, Malad police was planning to issue a red-corner notice against Sardar.

After reading about the complaint lodged against him on MiD DAY's website, Sardar decided to provide his account, and faxed a letter to the Mumbai Police Commissioner yesterday, accusing his wife's lover of luring his wife to file a harassment complaint against him.

He claims that he has also written to the Indian Embassy and the Home Minister. All letters, documents and photos and phone recordings mailed as evidence of the relationship by Sardar are available with MiD DAY.

Frame up
In his letter, Sardar counter-alleges that Caroline's lover was trying to frame him as he has proof of the politician's illicit relationship with his wife.

The man allegedly visited USA to spend time with Caroline. "He is using his political clout and wealth to frame me in a false case," said Sardar.

Sardar said in his allegation that he fears for his life, as the politician involved with his wife is a powerful man.
"I have been married to Caroline for 14 years, and had a happy and comfortable life, with my wife and two children. My perfect life has been ruined by this man, who is a womaniser and a powerful politician."

He continued, "Caroline has been having an affair with the man ever since she came to India on February 8, 2011. She stayed in India for nearly four months. Even after she returned to New Jersey, she kept in touch with him through phone calls, emails and video chat. On July 25 last year, she returned to India for 15 days, on the false pretext that she had been hired by a US-based IT firm to recruit professionals from India. She claimed that the company was paying her airfare, but it was her lover who sponsored her ticket."

'Stayed in my house'
"I caught on to their affair on July 26, while Caroline was still in Mumbai. I filed for divorce in the USA on August 2, and have been separated from my wife ever since. On Nov 17 last year, her lover visited New Jersey, and even lived in our apartment with Caroline till December 5 last year. She returned to Mumbai on January 4, so she could file a false case against me. I think they are worried that I will expose their affair."

In a telephonic conversation with MiD DAY, Sardar blamed the politician for ruining his life.

"Now that my divorce is getting finalised, he is influencing my wife to file false complaints against me. I had confronted the man and requested him to spare my marital relationship, but he did not pay any heed."
Caroline was unavailable for comment.

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