My colleague has rejected my proposal

Dear Diana,
I recently proposed to my colleague whom I find very interesting. She’s a beauty but what’s more attractive about her is her sense of humour. There is always an aura of fun around her. Small wonder everybody likes her in office. The only difference being I loved her. So I went ahead and I told her that I want to be her boyfriend. Turns out the pretty lady has other plans and doesn’t see me in that way. I gracefully accepted her words but now I’m embarrassed to go back to work because we keep crossing each other’s path every now and then. I can sense from her body language that she doesn’t like me.
— Chibboo

Dear Chibboo,
This is what you feel. But your sense may be wrong. She has not told you anything so why are you jumping to conclusions? You were honest about your feelings for her and told her. She was equally honest and told you what was on her mind. Things got clear from the beginning itself, so both of you can move along. I suggest do not even broach the subject with her ever again. Also, behave normal — just like you would with any other colleague. Better luck next time. 

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