'My colleague is a poison ivy'

She seems fine but as appearances are deceptive, she’s the poison ivy in the office. The one who always cribs, complains and rants about everything and everyone. She feels she is the only one working while the rest are all in deep slumber.
— Nirvaan

Illustration/ Amit Bandre

Dear Nirvaan,
You are just starting off and it is your first job, so it is better to steer clear off this poison ivy. She seems to be an insecure psycho and every office has one specimen of such people. They just put on an appearance of being meek and weak but they spread venom through their cribbing to anyone willing to hear. It is best to ignore such weirdos who only spread negativity. Interact only when you have work to discuss. At other times let her wallow in self-pity and burn.

Diana will solve it!
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