'My colleagues think he's not the right guy for me...'

Dear Diana,
I have taken a fancy to this guy I met during an office seminar five months ago. We exchanged numbers and have stayed in touch. We have been hanging out together on weekends. I am getting to know him and I feel he is my kind of guy. My office colleagues, however, have cautioned me. They are telling me to not trust him. According to them, he was engaged and the girl called it off just before they were to tie the knot. She realised that he was cheating on her and turned out to be a womaniser. He sure knows how to floor a girl by his wit and make her feel special. After hearing out my colleagues, I feel they might just be right. Should I just stay friends with this guy? I really do not know how to ask him about his past. At the same time the womanising tag is a big bother for me. If everyone has the same opinion about me, there must be some truth to it.
— Riteeka


Dear Riteeka,
If you have been hanging out with him for months, you can surely gauge what type of a guy he is. At the same time, you cannot ignore what your colleagues have been telling you about him. You might feel they are filling in your ears with hearsay, but they have been around for a longer time and know him better than you do. If so many people have the same opinion about him, there might be some truth to it. You appear to have fallen for his wit and humour. He seems to have charmed you. His feelings for you could be genuine. So, instead of listening to hearsay, tell him the impression he has created among the people around him. He could be trying to turn over a new leaf and leave his past behind. Only if he is honest and forthright, go ahead with the relationship, if you have doubts then it is better to go your way.

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