My cousin threatened my guy

Sep 28, 2011, 08:37 IST | Diana

Dear Diana,
I went out with this boy for about three months, but then had to end it with him because my cousin found out about our relationship. He knows his family well and threatened him to steer clear from my path. So I ended the relationship. But I really still have strong feelings towards him, and I would like to get back with him again, because I love him. But my extended family has issues with him as they know him and his folks well. They think he is not suitable for me. Do you think after all this he won't care for me?
- AL

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear AL,
After what your cousin has done, hope your guy has not been left traumatised. But if he really loves you, he will still care for you. Try going out with him again together just to see if the spark is still there between you both. If you get the feeling that it's like the old times then go for it. You also need to speak to your parents about what you feel for the guy. I am sure your cousin, who is much older to you, will not listen to you. But your parents can pacify him. The problem can be solved through communication. Your cousin may have certain preconceived notions about him which can be cleared from his mind.

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