My daddy strongest

Oct 18, 2011, 08:58 IST | Sheena Thomas

It is strange for Shraddha Kapoor to watch her dad (Shakti Kapoor) on TV, living in another house. And it feels even stranger to see him surrounded by so many women. But Shraddha is highly amused seeing her dad's comic expressions on the show. This daddy's little girl, who can't wait to have him back home, shares some of her fondest memories of her dad with CS:

Who: Shraddha Kapoor
What: Sharing her fondest memories of her dad (Shakti Kapoor)
Where: At a film studio

1 Delhi belly
When I was growing up, we as a family would keep heading to Delhi whenever dad got a break from shooting. And I loved those holidays because we got to stay in our palatial bungalow there. I would have a blast playing in the garden and mollycoddling our pet stray dog. And dad ensured that we had a perfect holiday.

2 Boston bound
I fell in love with my dad all over again the moment he agreed to let me go to Boston to study. You see, he's always been an overly protective father who never even allowed me to go on school trips with my friends. But when I got admission to a university in Boston, he was so happy that he allowed me to leave home. However, his only condition was that my mom should accompany me till I settled in. I packed her off in a month's time (laughs).

3 Lol
My dad's always been the comedian of the house. What you see on screen is only 10 per cent of the funnyman in him. So, I've laughed my childhood away thanks to him. He's played pranks on every member of the family.

4 Caught on camera
Believe it or not, when my brother and I were growing up, dad would set up spy cameras in the house to capture our crazy moments. He's got funny videos of me dancing to Naam Mera Prem Kali, my brother skating on powder-smeared floor and both of us wearing his dhinchak jackets. Dad has always loved taking pictures. Even now, when he thinks that I'm looking beautiful, he'll take a picture of me (smiles).

5 Filmy fun
One of my favourite memories of my dad is when I shared screen space with him in teen Patti. That's the day when I fumbled the most on the sets. But he kept telling me to forget that I was his daughter, and that did the trick for me.

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