My ex is behaving weird with me

Dear Diana,
I just can't fathom why my former guy is behaving in such an  atrocious and weird manner. Looks like he is still upset with me. We went around for over a year but constant squabbling led to our parting. He sent me a text message last week, "I hope your life is better and hope you have a great Diwali." I did not reply but later I replied by wishing him a happy Diwali too. He then called to say that he doesn't want to remain friends with me as it would remind him of how things could have been better between us. When I asked him why he messaged me, he got irritated. Why is he behaving like this?

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Asha,
You have to maintain a distance from this guy. He is emotionally abusing you and you shouldn't put up with it. Staying friends with him after a break-up is not feasible as he is not only still feeling hurt but he nurses a grudge against you now. Anyways you have taken a decision to go your way and you need to stick to it. Stay away from him for your own sake. The next time he sends you a text message, do not reply. He is acting in this manner because he feels by behaving in such a manner you might want him back. But it's too late now.


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