Dear Diana,
It has been eight months since I broke up with my guy. We have not been in touch ever since. We had a heated argument and after that stopped communicating with each other. I feel he has anger management issues. Now, a friend tells me that he has hooked up with her cousin. My pal tried to tell her cousin about his anger management issues, but she is too much in love with him. This pal of mine is close to me, so she knows that when he gets angry, he goes haywire. Ever since, she told me about it, I can’t get it out of my mind. I keep wondering if I took a hasty decision. Or should have I given him a second chance? My friend continuously tells me about what he is up to with her cousin. So I keep remembering about our days together.
— Amaira

Dear diana

Dear Amaira,
Your friend should stop feeding you with updates about your ex and her cousin. You seem to be encouraging her and she is giving you a daily dose of his whereabouts. You broke up with him eight months ago, so why are you still remembering this guy? You feel he had anger management issues, and it was in the best interests to go your way. Once you decided to go your way, it is not of your concern who he hooks up with. You need to stop discussing your former flame with your buddy. If she keeps talking about him, you will still cling on to the memories. You need to move on with your life as he has with his life. Whether he hooks up with your pal’s cousin – or anyone else – should be of no consequence to you now.