'My ex stopped to meet me...'

Dear Diana,
I was friendly with this guy a while back. He suddenly cut off all ties with me. First, he started avoiding me and then just stopped communicating with me. After many years, I recently bumped into him on the road. I did not even see him as he was on his bike. He suddenly stopped and greeted me and then was in a tearing hurry to speed off. Why did he even stop to say a hello? After this meeting I am feeling even more depressed.
— Sayesha

Ilustration/Amit Bandre
Ilustration/Amit Bandre 

Dear Sayesha
He may have spotted you and on the spur-of-the-moment decided to say a hello. While doing so, he might have realised that he should not have stopped. This probably led him to zoom off. Or maybe he was afraid you will ask for an explanation. There is no need for you to be upset. This guy did not value your friendship. He did not even have the courtesy to tell you why he suddenly decided to cut off ties with you. He owed you an explanation. You need closure from the relationship. The faster you move on, the better for you. This man certainly did not deserve your love.

Dear Diana,
We tied the knot four months ago. My husband, however, still spends time with his pals. He keeps hanging out with them. I've tried telling him about it, but he says he cannot give up his buddies for my sake. He seems to be spending more time with them than with me. When I start the subject, he tells me to stop nagging him.
— Zenobia

Dear Zenobia,
Stop being a nag. Marriage does not mean that he spends every moment with you. You need to give your partner space; He has given you space as well, but sadly you do not know how to use it. He is not neglecting you, so there is no need to worry.

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