Dear Diana,
I was in love with this guy some years ago. The guy was serious and wanted more from the relationship, but I did not want to commit. I was scared — perhaps I was too young. Somewhere down the line, I offended him and he stopped talking to me. He cut off ties with me and walked away. There was nothing that I could do as I had messed up things with him. So I just let him be. After three years, I recently bumped into him. I did not see him, it was he who called out to me on the road. I was taken aback to see him. He stopped and greeted me and then suddenly said he has to go. I wish he had spoken to me for a longer time. If he was in such a rush, why did he even bother to stop? Now, I feel like calling him and talking to him, but I know he will not answer my phone call.
— Crystal


Dear Crystal,
Your ex may have happened to see you and stopped to say a hi. It must have been on an impulse. He then perhaps realised that he should have not stopped to talk to you — so left in a hurry. There was a sense of awkwardness and he felt it was best to move away. Meeting him may have made you want him again in your life. But this is impossible as he appears to have moved on. Your ex felt the longer he hung around and spoke to you, it could lead to a lot of questions — you would then ask for an explanation why he cut off ties with you. You seem to be pining for him again, but you will have to seek closure from the relationship — sooner the better. Let the guy remain in your past, if you bump into harm be cordial, but do not think of hooking up with him yet again. Whether you messed up or whether he did is besides the point. What matters now is that he has gone his way and you, too, should move on.