'My ex wants me back in her life...'

Dear Diana,
I was with this girl for four years before we called it quits. She was a classmate during college days. We were young and immature. We fought like crazy. We felt it was better to split and concentrate on our careers. So one day, we decided to go our way. We had no contact with each other after we broke up. It has been five years now. Older and wiser, I now feel she was the girl for me. I am still in love with her. Recently, I was surprised to receive a call from her out of the blue. After talking to her, I want to meet her. I think she also wants to rekindle the relationship. We are both single and now well settled in our jobs. Should I give love a second chance? I think it was in our destiny to meet again.
— Hari

Dear Hari,
You were thinking about her and you receive a call from her. As both of you appear to be interested in each other yet again, you can begin anew. Your split seems to have been done in a hurry. As they say act in haste and regret at leisure. You should have taken time off each other before resorting to the drastic step of a separation. It appears that you are still in love with her and so is the case with her. The fact is that both of you didn't move on in life. It is clear that you are still pining for her. Let go of the past. Whatever the reasons were for the break up, you two took a decision and now you want to be back. Years have gone by, so you are older and wiser. This time work on the relationship and make it work.

Diana will solve it!
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