'My family does not approve of my guy...'

Dear Diana,
I have been with my guy for over two years. We are planning to get married. His family has accepted me, but I often wonder if I will be able to adjust with his family. I am confused. My family is not pleased about my choice due to caste issues. I am trying to convince my folks for about a year now, but nowadays there are ugly fights when he is around. I can't take this anymore.
— Surilee

Illustration/Amit Bandre
Illustration/Amit Bandre 

Dear Surilee,
It appears that your family is adamant and not willing to budge from their stance. If you are serious about him, explain to them how caring and loving his folks are. They are going that extra length to make you comfortable despite the differences. At the same time, there is no need to antagonise them as this will lead to more fireworks. Get an elder in the family to talk to them and explain that their fears are unwarranted. You will have to be patient and do a lot of cajoling, but I am sure your parents want the best for you and your happiness.

Dear Diana,
I am 26 and she is 25. It's been two years since she broke up with me. I doubted her constantly. Every time I apologised to her though and our relationship was back on track. However, she finally got tired of me and decided to leave me. On top of that, she went back to her ex. It hurts me a lot, but since then I am trying to forget and overcome this episode, but I am failing to do so.
— Aamir

Dear Aamir,
You kept suspecting her and she kept forgiving you, but up to a point. She could then take it no more. You are to blame for what went wrong in the relationship. If she went back to her ex, it was due to the fact that she realised that being with you was a big mistake and she was better off with her ex.

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