Dear Diana,
I’m 19 years old. For a while now, I used to suspect that my father was having an affair. I have been proved right after I saw some SMSes on his phone. I felt like calling up on the number and giving an earful, but on second thoughts, I refrained. I don’t know how my mother will react, so I have not told her anything. What do I do?
— Ananya

Dear Ananya,
Are you sure about it? If so, you need to confront your dad privately. Or else, speak to an older close relative like an uncle or aunt. Do not tell your mom till you are sure as it could destroy your family. Your father has acted selfishly and the blame and consequences are his, not yours. You also need to give him the opportunity to come clean. Give him a chance to say the truth and hopefully make things right.

Diana will solve it!
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