Dear Diana,
I am 27 and my fiancee is 25. By nature, I am an overprotective person. Ever since we got engaged six months ago, I  haven't hung out with my friends nor has she. It is always us. But she now feels she needs to spend time with her girl gang. To be honest, I dislike some of her friends and their habits. I feel they will make her go astray and poison her mind against me. This has led me to be very controlling in my relationship and is leading to constant squabbles among us. How do I explain my situation to her. She says it is important to hang out with her female pals too.
- Mahesh

Illustration/ Satish Acharya

Dear Mahesh,
What she says is very true. A woman does need her friends too. It's important for her to hang out with them. Both of you like each other but really need to work on the relationship. It appears that it has always been your way which is now stifling her. You say that you don't like some of her friends... similarly she may not like your pals. Have you thought of that scenario? In a relationship there has to be trust and commitment. Just because she goes out with her pals whom you dislike does not mean that she will go astray. Grow up, man. Be mature in your relationship, you need to give respect to get respect from your fiancee.