Dear Diana,
I got engaged two months ago. It was an arranged match as her family is known to my uncle. She stays in Indore where her family is based. They had all come down to Mumbai for the engagement. I got an opportunity to spend time with her as she stayed in Mumbai for over a month for trousseau shopping. I thought my parents had fixed an ideal match as we got along well. Now that she has gone back, we are in touch over the phone. Last week, in the dead of the night, she sent me a text message that she needed to tell me something. When I called back I was shocked by what she told me. She was in love with someone else back home in Indore. When I asked her why did she agree to the engagement, she said that her family was unaware of the relationship. I gave her a piece of my mind and hung up. She keeps calling me and sending me text messages, but I have been ignoring her. She even had the audacity to tell me that her trousseau shopping was for the guy she loved and wanted to marry. She wants me to break off the engagement saying that I am not interested in her and have someone else on my scene.
— Jay

Illustration/Amit Bandre
Illustration/Amit Bandre 

Dear Jay,
This girl has taken all of you on a merry ride. You need to speak to your family members and your uncle about what has happened. As she has been sending you text messages, you have proof in your hands about what she is up to. Let the elders in your family deal with her family and tell them exactly what is happening. It is better you steer clear from the scene and do not send any messages to her. This girl cannot be trusted. You need to move on. Thank goodness that she revealed the truth now. Imagine if you had married her, things could have been worse.