Dear Diana,
A close buddy, who has been my pal since my school days, does not like the guy I have been hanging out with. She feels he is a good-for-nothing. According to her, he is lazy and will soon dump me as he is not trustworthy. She also feels I am going too fast with him. As we are close, I had been telling her my fears, so I feel she is passing judgements even without knowing the guy. She has met him only thrice. I do not know what made her form such an opinion about him. She also does not like when I spend a lot of time with my guy. She keeps tabs on me and my whereabouts. Initially, in my enthusiasm, I would tell her stuff about him, but my best friend is not taking it well. She feels I need to find someone else. How do I tell her that he is the guy for me? I do not know why she is behaving in this odd manner.
— Mahalaxmi

Dear Mahalaxmi,
Your friend has formed an opinion about your guy after meeting him and on the basis of what you have told her about him. You appear to be blindly in love with this guy, so perhaps you will not see him the way she does. Your pal wants the best for you — the reason she has been telling you what is on her mind. It could also be that as you are spending time with this guy, she might be feeling a bit left out. You need to sit down and have a frank chat with her. She needs to tell you what makes her detests your boyfriend. At the same time, you will have to gauge whether there is truth in what she says or is she just jealous of you. Weigh the pros and cons and then take a decision.