Dear Diana,
From the first day of Navratri, along with a bunch of pals, I have been having a good time at a garba mandal. We have been visiting the place every night. One of the organiser's sons, however, goes out of his way to make me comfortable. Two of my pals know his family through whom we managed to secure passes. My friends have already started teasing me with him! He loves to play dandiya with our group and tries hard to please me. Is he in love with me? My friends tell me he is totally smitten by him. How do I react? Help!
- Bhavika

Dear Bhavika,
It looks like love is in the air amidst the festivities. May be this is his way of showing that he is interested in you. Your friends may say anything to tease you but ask yourself these questions � are you comfortable with him? Do you feel like you have lots to tell him and so does he? He gives you a lot of attention but do you like it? If your answer is a yes, then it is just the beginning. Let things flow as it is. Remember Navratri will end, but would you want to stay in touch with this man? That's the call you will have to take if you want to be in a relationship.