29-year-old had misgivings when her husband resisted her advances, she stumbled across video clips of him indulging in sexual acts with other men on his laptop in Nigeria, filed FIR against him for cheating and physical assault 

Chancing upon videos of her Nigeria-based husband engaging in sexual activities with other men, a 29-year-old woman has pressed charges of cheating and harassment against him.

Sex and the Sin: Sanya downloaded a few video recordings of her
husband with other men on a pen drive. When she confronted him, he
allegedly beat her up. Representation Pic/Thinkstock Images

The Samta Nagar police have issued an arrest warrant against Avdoot Sawant (32), an HR manager working for a Nigerian firm, after his wife Sanya (name changed) registered a complaint against him, alleging that her husband married her even though he was homosexual, and cheated on her. Based on the complaint, the police are in the process of registering a red corner notice against Sawant, a Kandivli (East) resident, as he is still in Nigeria.

According to Senior Inspector Anant Kenjle of Samta Nagar police station, Sanya filed an FIR against Sawant after she found out that her husband was homosexual.

"The couple got married last December -- it was arranged. They lived together in Lokhandwala complex in Kandivli (East) for a few days before Sawant went to Nigeria. He came back to go on a weeklong honeymoon, but the two did not consummate their relationship. However, Sanya, a commerce graduate, decided to give him more time to adjust to their marriage. Meanwhile, Sawant made frequent trips to Africa," said Kenjle.
Surprise, surprise
In April this year, when Sawant was in Nigeria, Sanya decided to give him a surprise visit. She arranged for her ticket and visa and landed there. Over the four months, she made several overtures but her husband continued resisting her advances, seeming distant and blas �. Sanya was beginning to sense something amiss.

"One day in October, Sawant left his laptop unlocked back at home. Sanya was casually browsing through it when she stumbled upon several video recordings of her husband with other men. She realised he was homosexual. She downloaded a few of his videos on a pen drive. When she confronted Sawant, he allegedly beat her up. She then called up her parents in Mumbai and told them about the incident. The parents sent her a ticket to India and she returned," said Kenjle.

After returning, Sanya thought about her course of action, and in November, she approached the Samta Nagar police and registered a case under Sections 498(a) (harassment) and 420 (cheating). "We are now contemplating issuing a red corner notice against Sawant as he is still out of the country," Kenjle said.