'My girlfriend does not want to get married...'

Dear Diana,
The girl I like acts strange when I broach the subject of marriage. She is 26 and I am 32. She claims to love me, but any talk about taking the relationship to the next level upsets her. She used to be a different girl initially, but lately she doesn’t seem to be comfortable with the subject of marriage. Earlier, when I used to speak about it, she had even set a deadline of two years. Our families have no objection with our choice, but she’s the one who is suddenly having cold feet now. I’ve tried to talk to her to open up about what she feels, but she keeps saying she loves me, but won’t marry. What is going on in her mind? Is she commitment phobic or is there someone else on her scene? We have been together for over two years.
— Suresh

 Dear Diana

Dear Suresh,
Your girlfriend is being evasive for reasons best known to her. Whatever the cause, she needs to tell you what is going on in her mind. She says she loves you, so why does she evade the subject of marriage? It is obvious that she does not want to commit. It could be because she is commitment phobic, but she has been with you for two years. The sudden change in her behaviour is intriguing. There must be something worrying her due to which she is behaving in such a manner. She needs to tell you what her fears and apprehensions are. It is clear that there is something that has happened lately that is influencing her to behave in such a manner. Only after you have heard her out, decide the next step. If she continues to dilly- dally, there is no point waiting for her to make up her mind.

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