'My girlfriend doesn't trust me'

But the truth is I don’t. Maybe I don’t know the difference between flirting and talking because most of the time, I’m just having a casual conversation. Nonetheless, she keeps accusing me of having ulterior motives. Initially, I thought she was just kidding but now it appears she is under the notion that I’m just fooling around and not serious about our relationship. How am I supposed to make her believe that I’m here to stay.
— Kanishka

Illustration/ Amit Bandre

Dear Kanishka,
Your girl seems to be one insecure psycho! She seems to be of a suspicious nature, so even if you talk to any woman she will think you are having an affair! You need to knock sense into her head. She is unnecessarily creating a problem in her head — when there isn’t any reason to do so. You both work in the same office still she thinks you are having an affair with someone else! I am sure she knows everyone in office, yet she suspects. Imagine if you were working elsewhere, she would be spending a greater time of the day wondering what you are up to. You don’t suspect her when she talks to any other guy, so why does she? Tell her this.

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