'My girlfriend has stopped sending me lovey-dovey SMSes...'

Dear Diana,
I have been with this girl for seven months. Of late, however, I feel that we have been drifting apart. Initially, she would keep messaging me all day and we would talk till late night. Now we talk only once or sometimes not at all. She would keep sending me these lovey- dovey text messages. Now she just does not respond to my text messages. Last month, she took up a new job and things have got even worse between us. I confronted her, but she said that I was being too demanding. I don't understand. Is she not interested in me anymore? I do not understand why she is behaving like this. Or am I overreacting? What should I do?
— Vihaan


Dear Vihaan,
Your girl has just taken up a new job, so it is demanding of you to expect her to SMS you all day long. It is a new place, new responsibilities and she needs to concentrate on her work right now. She cannot mess up anything at a new place. Anyway you cannot expect her to be in contact with you all the while. She is currently busy and may be you are at a loose end. Being in a relationship does not mean you have to be in touch 24/7. She has her life while you have yours. Initially, she may have been flooding you with text messages because the relationship needed nurturing. Over time, the initial flush of romance takes a backseat. Take a reality check instead and understand the situation. Spend quality time with your girlfriend. You can catch up with her on weekends instead. You also need to grow up and behave in a mature manner instead of acting like a lovelorn puppy.

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