'My girlfriend is 11 years younger to me...'

Dear Diana,
Six months ago, I met this girl at a personality development class. We got talking and after the course ended, we exchanged numbers and have kept in touch. As I have done my chartered accountancy and she is also keep to pursue it, we have lots in common to talk about. During the class we would always sit together. I would also drop her home after class. I am 30 and single. She is 19. I have never felt this way for any other woman. I have been dropping a lot of hints to her and she has also confessed that she, too, is attracted to me. Sometimes she calls me to ask details about doing articleship for the chartered accountancy class and we talk for hours. We have now started meeting on weekends. I really do not know if we have a future together. She cannot think of marriage now, not at least for the next few years. Should I wait for her to complete her studies? Is she too young for me considering the 11 years age difference? What will people say? She does not know how her parents will react.
— Nirman


Dear Nirman,
There are numerous guys out there whose wives are over a decade younger to them. As they say, age is just a number. You two clicked and if you both really like each other, it doesn't matter that she is 11 years younger to you. You do not have to worry about what other people think. It is not as if some harm will come your way because of the age gap. Right now, she may look young, but after some years the age gap will not be so noticeable. Till she completes her studies, do not think of marriage. Be there for her and if you are sure you can make a commitment. Her parents might have their reservations initially, but if you two are convinced, you will have to win them over. It will take time, but it is not impossible. Be patient and persevere.

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