'My girlfriend is a compulsive flirt...'

Dear Diana,
My girlfriend is extremely attractive. She dresses up well and gets quite a few looks when she is around. She knows that people are ogling at her and she loves the attention she gets. I have known her for about five months. I was also attracted to her by her looks. But now I feel she is a compulsive flirt. Whenever we step out together, her eyes are all over the place to see who is checking her out. If no one is looking, she creates a scene to get attention. Like the other day, we were at an ice cream shop and she started arguing with the counter staff about the poor quality of the cone that crumbled too soon. I feel she was overdoing it as she was taking her own sweet time to have the ice cream, which was melting and causing the cone to get soggy. Whenever we are at a party, she is the centre of attention burning up the dance floor. I am finding it difficult to handle her. When other guys give her attention, she does not even bother to acknowledge that I am around.
— Rodney

Illustration/Uday Mohite

Illustration/Uday Mohite

Dear Rodney,
It appears that she is proving to be too difficult to handle. Your girlfriend knows that she draws guys like a magnet to her, so she is living it up. You were also one of her victims and later got hooked to her. If you are serious about her, though she does not appear to be, tell her in no uncertain terms that you do not like it. If she cares for you and loves you, she will stop her flirting bit. If she does not want to change, then you need to do a rethink about the relationship. Either you go your way or learn to ignore her flirting if she is doing it for harmless fun. So ponder and take a decision, before things get totally out of control and cause you heartburn.

Diana will solve it!
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