'My girlfriend is a dog lover while I am not...'

Apr 14, 2014, 06:02 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana,
I'm 26 and my girlfriend is 23. We feel that we have a future together. But the problem is that in her house there are six dogs. I'm not a dog lover, so I dread going to her house as they pounce on me and start licking me. What do I do? Sometimes one of her dogs accompanies us for a stroll and I get uncomfortable. I dread dogs.
— Manish

Illustration/Amit Bandre
Illustration/Amit Bandre 

Dear Manish,
As you are not a dog lover, your girlfriend has to understand your predicament and make you a dog lover. When you are visiting the house, she should ensure that the dogs are kept away from you. Over a period of time, they will get comfortable with you and not pounce on you when you visit them. Also, try to be friendly to them, instead of showing that you are scared of them. Your girlfriend can help you in a big way to make yourself comfortable and make you a dog lover.

Dear Diana,
I'm 28 and my woman is 34. I am afraid of the age difference. With so many of pals and family members giving tips, it is making me wonder if we have a future. I am worried whether we can have children after a few years. She has had a broken engagement. So apart from the age gap, she is also scared to commit again.
— Raunaq

Dear Raunaq,
A few years of age difference is no big deal. There are couples who have an age gap of a decade or more. The problem is that she is scared to commit. This is what should be of concern to you. She has her reasons to be apprehensive before committing again. So you need to put to rest all her fears not about the age gap, but also about giving a second chance to be in a relationship. As for the children part, nowadays women in their 40s are having kids and she is 34, so there is no need to fear.

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