Dear Diana,
I have been with my girlfriend for two years, but she does not want to commit. Whenever I ask her about our future together, she evades the subject or keeps mum. She says she just wants to hang out with me and have a good time. I have been splurging her with gifts and weekend getaways. Often, I feel she is using me to get material gains. Recently, she also suggested that we take a break for a month to see if we really care for each other. I do not know what to do. What am I supposed to make out of this? Should I trust her? I think she is taking me for a ride and is a gold digger. Should I go my way?
— Amar

Dear Amar,
This girl is just using you according to her whims and fancies. It appears that she wants to be with you, but at the same time does not want to commit. She is sending conflicting signals. It is clear that you want commitment while she does not. Your girlfriend just wants to have a good time and is happy when you splurge on her. She is indeed a gold digger. Chances are that she will dump you as soon as she is bored of you. This appears to be coming your way soon. She has given you a hint that you should take a break from her to reassess the relationship. You have allowed yourself to be in a position where she has an upperhand. It's time you told her what is going on in your mind. If she sticks to her stance, you have to take a decision. Give her an ultimatum and if she is not willing to change, you seriously need to think of going her way. This girl does not seem worthy of your love. Find someone who will love you — and not for what gifts you buy for her.