'My girlfriend is behaving weird...'

Nov 23, 2015, 06:35 IST | Dear Diana

Dear Diana,
I have been with my girlfriend for over a year now. Things were going fine between us, till she started behaving strange. She appears to have lost interest in me. I keep telling her about it, but she doesn’t seem to care and hangs up the phone whenever I start talking about it. She does not allow me to discuss the matter. Last week, I gave her an ultimatum, but she hasn’t responded yet. She is behaving as if nothing has happened. Things are not the same anymore. Is she bored of me? Or has she found someone else? I cannot fathom what is going on. Why can’t she clearly tell me what she wants? Her behaviour is causing me a lot of agony and pain.
— Mahesh


Dear Mahesh,
From the looks of it, she seems to have lost interest in you. But if you keep calling her and asking her what is wrong, she will play more tough. She is doing this to irritate you. Your girl is not clearly telling you what is going on because she prefers that you stay on tenterhooks. This is her way of controlling you. Why are you allowing yourself to be in this situation? She is treating you badly and you know it. Stop calling her and pleading with her to tell you what is on her mind. For a while, just let her be. Ignore her and she will be back on track. Don’t let her ruin your life. Cut off all communication with her. It might be difficult, but you need to be firm and resolve not to allow her to treat you like a doormat. Get going with your life. In a relationship, both are equal. In your case, she wants an upperhand in everything.

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