'My girlfriend is extremely suspicious...'

Dear Diana,
I have been with my girlfriend for nearly two years. Things were going fine for us till about three months ago when we met a school friend of mine. As we were meeting after decades, we were excited to see each other and could not stop talking. We exchanged cell numbers and have kept in touch. Ever since, my girlfriend's attitude has changed. She would chide me for talking to her and would create a scene whenever I would go to meet her. She felt I was attracted to her and even alleged that I was in love with her. She has now become extremely overpossessive and doesn't allow me to talk to any female. I have been told not to be in touch with my school pal. I've tried to talk to my girlfriend about it, but it has proved futile. She thinks that I am having an affair with my school buddy as she is still single. As my girlfriend is not in touch with any of her school pals, she does not know what that friendship means. How do I make her realise that I am not having an affair with my school friend?
- Narendra

Dear Narendra,
Your girlfriend is unnecessarily creating a scene and making life difficult for you. Her fears and apprehensions are unwarranted. You should be firm and tell her clearly that you do not like her behaviour as it hurts you. She cannot dictate terms and tell you who to talk to and not. Couples also need their own personal space. Make her understand that it is okay to have female friends. It does not mean that you are having an affair with her. If you feel suffocated in the relationship, just let go. Your girlfriend is calling the shots in the relationship; it is time you stand up for yourself. There is no point in getting stifled in the relationship due to a demanding and suspicious girlfriend. You deserve better.

Diana will solve it!
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