Dear Diana,
I am 24. My girlfriend has decided to gift me a tattoo on my 25th birthday later this month. I hate tattoos. In fact, I am terrified of needles. She already has a tattoo and plans to have another one too. How do I wriggle out of the situation? I look at them as scars on the skin.
— Neerav

Illustration/Amit Bandre

Dear Neerav,
Girlfriend pressure can be tough. Just tell her how you feel about it honestly. If she wants another mark to celebrate your birthday, she is free to do it. You need to tell her that you are genuinely afraid of tattoos and feel that you need to stay the way you were created. Also, tell her you feel that tattoos are a girl thing. That will perhaps keep her quiet for now. She can’t force you to have one. Tell her when you are ready for it, you will get inked.

Dear Diana,
My boyfriend recently found out that I earn a bit more than him. He started behaving strangely after that. In fact I told him that it does not matter as he has just started working and we have a long way before tying the knot. We are both 23. He, however, stopped talking to me. Now after three weeks he wants to make amends. He has been sending me apology text messages since the past week. Should I give him a second chance? Or should I just break off with him?
— Shaila

Dear Shaila,
It was really silly off him to break off. The fact that he wants to make amends is that he is now regretting what he did. Sense has prevailed upon him. Let him realise what he did for a while so that next time he does not break off for any silly reason. Let him sweat a bit and then say that you have accepted his apology and everything is just like it was before. You need to however make him realise that what he did was wrong. What if you had thrown a tantrum and decided to split? Would he have taken you back? Chances are a no.