'My girlfriend is making life difficult for me...'

Dear Diana,
My girlfriend has been unnecessarily creating a scene nowadays. She behaves odd, especially when my pals are around. She has been making life difficult for me. I do not know what is wrong with her.

Dear Diana

She has been lying to me a lot too. She often tells me some imaginary stories about what happened to her. Once, a guy flicked her purse. But two days later, I see her with the purse in hand. She then tells me she found it. On another day, her cell phone vanished. After two days, it appeared again. I feel she does not care for me anymore, so she is acting funny to get me off her back. When I ask her about her behaviour, she gives evasive replies. I feel I should go my way. Why is she acting like this? What does all this mean? I feel she is putting on an act to get me out of her way. Why can’t she clearly tell me instead of resorting to this strange behaviour?
— Abhijeet

Dear Abhijeet,
Your girlfriend is clearly on her own trip. It appears that she does not care about you or she has lost it. Why would any sane person create stories about things disappearing and appearing. Also, why are you still sticking around? Tell her to stop her strange behaviour immediately. You are taking her nonsense — the reason why she continues to be on her trip. Instead of telling her to lay off, you are quietly bearing the brunt. You need to tell her that what she is doing is totally wrong. Give her an ultimatum to get her act together — or tell her to go her way. She may have another guy on the scene if her behaviour is any indication. This could be the reason she has been resorting to such behaviour. You know that she is acting stupid, but not stopping her. You appear to be more serious about her, but this girl is not. So either get the hint and get going or if you want to stick around, tell her to stop her wayward behaviour.

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