Dear Diana,
The girl I am in love with has moved to Hyderabad recently as her family has relocated. We know each other since our school days. I proposed to her before she left, but she said she wants to concentrate on her career for now. She seems to be caught up with too many things and is not even taking my phone calls now. I feel she is losing interest in me.
— Vidyut


Dear Vidyut,
Your girl seems to be going through the 'out of sight out of mind' scenario. As it is a new place, settling down and making new pals is keeping her busy with little time to chat with you on the phone. May be she is genuinely caught up with several things at her end that she has no time left. One option is to let her settle down and then renew your relationship. If you can't be patient, ask her if she is keen on the relationship, if she is evasive it is clear that she wants to move on.

Dear Diana,
I'm 39 and seeing a man who is three years younger to me. We work in an airlines and often travel together. He is married with kids and I am also married. We got attracted to each other and then one thing led to another, but I often get this feeling that he is with me to satisfy his sexual urges. When I refuse him, he gets annoyed and does not talk to me till I say sorry. I really do not know what to do.
— Nayara

Dear Nayara,
First of all, you two are indulging in an extramarital affair. You are playing with fire so get prepared to get scorched. You will be ruining your personal and professional lives. All this while you did whatever he wanted. You did not want to annoy him and face his wrath. He demands and you give in. Start thinking for yourself and decide whether you two want to be together because your respective partners need to be told the truth about your affair.