'My girlfriend is too demanding...'

Dear Diana,
I have been with my girlfriend for almost a year. Initially, she was this sweet, caring girl, but for the past three months she has been showing me her true colours. She has become too demanding. She keeps complaining that I never buy her gifts. When I buy, she never likes them. She then goes and buys stuff on her own and I have to foot the exorbitant bills. She wants me to chuck up my job and find a more lucrative one. She says she will marry me only if I have a house of my own. She also wants me to buy a car. I do not want to end up paying EMIs for years. Her attitude is all about I, me, myself. When I hang out with my friends, she makes a big issue of it. She always comes up with some excuse like she is unwell, so that I do not hang out with them. What should I do with this gold digger?
– Naresh


Dear Naresh,
Your girlfriend needs to realise that in a relationship, it is not only about her — it's about both of you. At the same time, she should realise that you will ensure the best for her. If she wants to be with you, she has to accept you the way you are. You have been giving in to her demands, so she keeps demanding stuff knowing fully well that you will not refuse it. She may want many things in life, but she does not stop to think how difficult it will be for you. This girl lacks empathy. At the rate she is going, I wonder what she will do after marriage. You cannot cater to her whims and fancies. Also, learn to say no when she comes up with unreasonable demands. At the rate things are going, it is better you move away.

Diana will solve it!
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