Dear Diana,
I’ve been with my girlfriend for over four months. Things are fine, but I feel I want someone a bit more mature. She’s quite irresponsible and keeps misplacing her belongings everywhere we go. She’s careless and proud of it. She loves to talk about all that she has lost. She thinks it is funny, but to me it is irritating. I am neat and practical. I am always well organised while she is always a mess.
— Bharat

Illustration/Amit Bandre

Dear Bharat,
As it is said opposites attract, but it looks like you have had enough of her sloppiness. Your girlfriend can’t be like you and you can’t be like her. So you have to tread the middle path if you want to sustain the relationship. Help her get her life orgainised and let her see the benefits of it. As she has always been a mess, she does not realise what it is to be organised in life. At the same don’t overdo it, as it might put her off. Also, tell her how you feel about the situation and her behaviour. Accordingly then decide if you want to continue in the relationship.

Dear Diana,
I am going out with this guy for the second time. We went out two years ago, but we broke up because he needed to sort things out about his career. Now that we are going out again, he had promised me he has changed and for some reason I believed him. Now after being together he is showing his true colours yet again. He will start a fight every day and won’t tell me why he’s upset.
— Prerna

Dear Prerna,
You were a fool to believe him. It is clear that he has not changed as he has gone back to his highhanded ways. Do you want to take the grief he is going to give you day in and out? It is time you stood up and told him how you feel. From the looks of it, you are better off without him, take a stand.