'My girlfriend keeps complaining about everything...'

Dear Diana,
I have been going around with this girl for over a year now. Initially, she was sweet and caring. For the last two months, however, there has been a change in her behaviour. If she is not complaining and cribbing about something or the other, she is sulking. In short, she has become a nag. I don’t know whether we have a future together with the way things are. I want to break up, but I don’t have the heart to tell her. I do not understand what prompted her to become a cribber. It is not that I have been difficult with her. Why is she acting strange now? One of her pals tells me she is showing her true colours. She was always like this, but she had changed her stance to befriend me. Now that she has settled in the relationship, she is taking me for granted and unleashing her acid tongue.
— Shashank

Dear Daina
Illustration/Uday Mohite

Dear Shashank,
Instead of paying heed to what your pal has been saying about her nature and showing her true colours, why don’t you ask her? Why are you becoming like her and complaining? Tell her frankly what is on your mind. She also needs to tell you why she is behaving like this now. There is no point blaming her nature alone, perhaps your relationship has become dull and boring. So this is her way of retaliating. May be you are no longer as loving as before. Talk about your feelings for her. Or perhaps you two are on your own trip. It is up to you to make her of a cheerful disposition yet again. If she refuses to change, then you need to take a call. You will have to tell her the reasons behind your move.

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