'My girlfriend keeps nagging all the time...'

Dear Diana,
Initially, my girlfriend was this sweet girl, but over the years she has turned into a nag. She has this habit of complaining about everything. She cribs about my dressing style, my job, my salary, just about everything is on her radar. Worse is when she starts cribbing about my family members and friends. I have to then tell her to keep shut. She does not like it when I tell her to keep her opinions to herself. I think she has started taking me for granted and doing whatever she wants. I feel suffocated and want to move on. I have clearly told her what is on my mind. She promises to stop cribbing, but again after a few days, she is back to old self. How do I tell her to change her ways? Should I give her an ultimatum?
— Mandar

Illustration/Uday Mohite
Illustration/Uday Mohite

Dear Mandar,
As you have been taking her nonsense all this while, she has become used to throwing attitude. You should have stopped her when she showed initial signs of being a nag. You let her be and she has turned it into her full-time activity. Why are you allowing yourself to be dictated by her? Tell her how you feel about the situation and give her a final warning and some time. If she refuses to change, it is better that you end the relationship. It is also clear that she does not care for you. Move on and start afresh — you will be a happier and better person without a nag making life hell for you.

Diana will solve it!
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